Two unions representing truckers in Pittsburgh said they had

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PERTH, AUSTRALIA JANUARY 28: Sprinklers are pictured watering a residential lawn as Perth moves closer to suffering the longest drought on record, with today marking 69 consecutive days without rain, on January 28, 2010 in Perth, Australia. Assuming no rain falls before midnight tonight, today will become the second longest Perth drought on record, with 68 days rain free recorded in November 1994 and the longest of 83 days in the summer of 1974 5. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)credit: Paul Kane/Getty Images.

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canada goose uk shop The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, citing a list of local truck drivers, said Bowers had been affiliated at one point with B. Keppel Trucking, based in the city. Two unions representing truckers in Pittsburgh said they had no record of Bowers being a member. canada goose uk shop

“The Thing”, as one commentator has drolly called it, is in fact part wall, part fence. Most of its 670 kilometre (420 mile) length is made up of a concrete base with a five metre high wire and mesh superstructure. Rolls of razor wire and a four metre deep ditch are placed on one side.

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