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The 10 Steps to Porn Addiction

Canada Goose Jackets Wiggle your mouse finger and you can see them both in high res glory. But don’t click it. We’re proving a point here. Canada Goose Jackets

Recently some chick testified before the Senate about porn addiction. The entire red blooded male internet had a good chuckle at the odd, puritanical fundamentalists poisoning our government, wondering when they were going to suggest Canada Goose Coats On Sale that Canada Goose Outlet online porn was the work of a Pagan witchcraft conspiracy or canada goose clearance even demons uploading from the second circle of Hell.

buy canada goose jacket But still, this idea of “addiction” is ridiculous. Right? I mean, to hear that lady talk, some of you actually had to concentrate to keep from clicking that naked link up there, feeling a sort of nervous anxiety in your gut at the thought of the two tanned, nude girls laying on the sheets, gently caressing each other. Oh, I’m sure some canada goose of you canada goose outlet clicked purely out of curiosity and know that the link didn’t lead to porn at all. This one, however, does. But don’t click it. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale So I wanted to prove scientifically just how ludicrous this theory was. Using the power of the internet and my not unlarge website audience, I gathered almost 100 volunteers to start with, all of whom were regular porn users. Now, canada goose uk outlet to simply ask them if they were addicted would have been as useless as trying buy canada goose jacket cheap to wipe our asses with a handful of scorpions. Nobody likes to be told their favorite things are harmful or, even worse, a sign of some kind of weakness. Our knee jerk reaction Canada Goose Online is to rush to the defense of our vices and in my years on the ‘net I’ve simply never heard anyone admit to being Canada Goose sale a porn addict. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Outlet Krunkass12: Dudes, I just booted up HL2 for the first time. Simply awesome. I’ve got to change my pants now! Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance RckJmsBtch: Cool. Picking canada goose store mine up tomorrow. Speaking of pants, it looks like my penis is going to have to take out a restraining order on my hand because I’m Canada Goose Parka a slave to porn addiction. canada goose clearance

canada goose store Krunkass12: Ah. I, too, my friend, am whipped by the lash of a porny master. canada goose store

Canada Goose sale Also, there’s such a libertarian nature to uk canada goose outlet the internet that anyone who takes the anti porn side in a conversation is immediately cast down into the pit of hypocrites and book burners and Bible thumpers, down with Fallwell and Bin Laden and webevangelist Jack Chick. Canada Goose sale

Besides, I once knew a girl who smoked for eight years and every day of it she swore she could quit effortlessly and any time she wanted. Addicts tend to be the last to know they’re addicts.

She didn’t realize she was hooked until she tried to quit.

canada goose coats on sale So that’s what we did. Canada Goose Jackets When I asked for volunteers I told them they would have one task: to try to quit porn. Then we’d see how long they could go without going in search of photographic nakedness, either on the web or on their hard drives or at the back buy canada goose jacket of their closet shelf. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose If there is a better way to gauge addiction, I don’t know of it. canada goose

We paused after two weeks and calculated the results. How do you think we did? How would you have done?

Here’s your last chance at nude Luba and her beautiful friend, for real this time, totally bare and on the canada goose coats on sale sheets and one second away. Is it hard not to click on her?

Canada Goose online That’s right. Focusing their mental energy on the task of resisting the 2D naked temptress, having to face the public admission of failure when they did, some of them probably lying their asses off, not even half of Canada Goose online them lasted seven days. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats 24 of them couldn’t even make it through canada goose factory sale three days. canada goose coats

Of our 94 subjects, we had a core group of 28 (30%) who seemed to have little problem giving it up and canada goose uk shop they are still porn free as of the writing of this article. All the rest, 66 of the 94, gave in.

Canada Goose Parka I was. But I got the sense that the participants were even more surprised. The original data and comments from the participants are HERE. Here is the dropout rate in graph form: Canada Goose Parka

The details are thus:

“Porn” for the purposes of this study was canada goose uk black friday defined as “any picture or video you suddenly lose interest in after masturbating.”

Only subjects who already regularly looked at porn were accepted. It seemed logical, since a study on Nicotene addiction, for instance, would be conducted only with smokers.

A “failure” was only counted when the subject intentionally clicked on and ogled the porn. Porn briefly and accidentally glimpsed, such as porn spam in their inbox, didn’t count. That would have skewed the results as a man on the internet is a proverbial bottle floating in an ocean of naked JPEG’s and pushy pornmongers.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Now, before you go running back to your favorite message board with your objections. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Things you’re probably asking:

I thought you said you had a hundred subjects.

cheap Canada Goose We had 96 and two of the subjects never reported back in. We had 92 males and 4 females. cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket Surprisingly, ahem the females had little trouble abstaining when compared to the guys. Three of the canada goose black friday sale four ladies (or 75% for you who are really bad at math) are still porn free. canadian goose jacket

Do you canada goose coats actually think these results are valid? This was an anonymous survey conducted on the internet.

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