As an omega 3 researcher not involved in the VITAL study told a

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Canada Goose Outlet The same was true for their rates of diagnosed cancers.When the researchers broke down the data by type of cardiovascular event, they did find that the fish oil supplements were associated with a 28 percent reduction in the risk of a heart attack and 50 percent reduction in the risk of canada goose clearance sale a fatal heart attack, primarily Canada Goose Parka among people who didn’t eat much fish in their daily diet and among African Americans. That’s because secondary endpoints do not carry the same statistical weight as primary ones and are canada goose uk shop more likely to be due to chance.As an omega 3 researcher not involved in the VITAL study told a reporter for the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, “to drill down into the secondary endpoints is of some concern because I think there is often the risk of getting spurious results.”A third paper, published in the same issue of NEJM, reported that a fish oil derived drug (a highly concentrated, prescription strength form of eicosapentaeic acid) reduced the risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke in people at high risk for cardiovascular disease by 25 percent.Testing for vitamin D levels has also become cheap canada goose uk a big source of income canada goose store for commercial laboratories. Vitamin D tests are now the fifth most common lab test ordered uk canada goose by doctors for Medicare patients.Whether the results from the VITAL randomized, controlled clinical trial a type canada goose of study considered the “gold standard” for evaluating the effectiveness of a medical canada goose coats treatment will change consumers’ behavior remains unclear.But they should, as many experts have noted over the weekend.”At the end of the day the buy canada goose jacket results now reported show that vitamin D did not reduce the risk of cancer and did not reduce the risk of heart disease,” said Dr. Canada Goose Outlet

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