I met the promoter of a budget private school chain called

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It doesn’t mean that you have to keep the debt at zero. Rather keep it less. Because lenders want to see that if you borrow money, you can pay it back too.. Almost every other week, I meet or come across someone who has stepped off the treadmill and chosen to plunge in to make a difference in India’s failing school education system.Almost all the people I have met are highly qualified, in careers that are likely to offer them a mini fortune in the near future and several are in their late 30s to mid 40s with families and the whole set of responsibilities that it entails.Yet in more than one case, the founders or leaders of the initiative have chucked up these lucrative careers, rocked their steady boats and plunged into a world full of uncertainty.Almost all have made the move out of a conscious choice.Trying to better the country’s education system drives them more than building a hefty bank balance for a comfortable retirement.Two schools West Bengal Levelfield and Uttarakhand’s Purkal Youth Development Society both stand out in terms of what they have attempted and achieved.The former is a break from the traditional approach of education while the latter proves that opportunity can overcome any constraint that birth may place on a child.The promoter of Levelfield gave up a financially steady and highly paid career to take the plunge.I met the promoter of a budget private school chain called Sunshine who rejected a life of comfort in the US and the great American dream to attempt to bring quality at a low price to students and parents disillusioned with the government school system in his own country.There are several organisations dedicated to bringing systemic change.Right from Central Square Foundation (founded by former investment banker Ashish Dhawan) to smaller organisations like Indus Action, Zaya and Adhyayan, there a host of individuals who are driven by a common passion and mission.Among some of the organisations I see making a mark, there Education Alliance that working on identifying authentic and capable civil society bodies and NGOs who can improve the government school system.The Replica Designer Handbags young CEO who heads it could well have pursued a more lucrative career, but this is where his passion lies.Aditya Natraj, the head of the Kaivalya Education Foundation, gave up his career in consultancy and decided he needed to set up something akin to the IITs and IIMs to inspire and churn out stellar and committed principals and school leaders.The zeal and enthusiasm many of these individuals bring to the table never fails to amaze me. A host of international NGOs and foundations appear willing to fund many movements.Of course, more funding would be welcome by almost all of whom I meet but it is far more available than a decade ago.International agencies were always willing but now even Indian corporates and foundations are pitching in like never before. Kaivalya, for instance, is a Piramal initiative.More CSR funds too are available.Purkal Youth Development Society has helped set up libraries in schools for kids across ages to read and educate themselves.

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