Even with project treble separation

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Since yesterday, the phone keeps on spazzing infrequently; in particular, the back button is pressed repeatedly, even though I am not pressing it. I checked “Device help” and went onto the multi touch tool. After about 10 seconds, there were 7 registered touches on the screen (not mine) all in a straight line, from the back button all the way up.

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valentino rockstud replica handbag To be honest, I can be sure of the effort. I guess a ROM dev would be able to tell you, cause without looking at how many merge conflicts a monthly update to nearly stock source would cause, I wouldn know, and for all I know you a ROM dev and know quite a bit more than me.That valentino replica boots being said, from what I do know of linux kernel compilation and ARM etc, I think the ARM android source is pretty screwed up compared to the x86 linux source, but device trees and the rest are outside the scope of my knowledge, but by the looks of it, every android device does have differing source, and where there differing source code, there probably gonna be merge conflicts (even if some are trivial).If there are merge conflicts, they probably necessitate understanding both the pre existing code, and the changes to some extent, to correctly solve them, which requires (wo/)man hours.Even with project treble separation, I don think merge conflicts are completely eliminated although I could be wrong.You be surprised how different (and convenient) some of the changes with Pie have been because of 3 things: mandatory VNDK enforcement, modular kernel requirements (module signing and /vendor) and the deprecation of Jack toolchain.HIDL (HAL interface definition language) basically takes care of the Android framework post update without having to rebuild/reconfigure the HALs because how /vendor partitions are enforced.Merge conflicts aren completely eliminated but because of HIDL are minimal. Which is why you will find even the lowest budget Nokia phones with Android one/P treble get updates day 1 valentino rockstud replica handbag.

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